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Case Study for
Orange Flyer Distributions

Client Background

Orange Flyer Distribution is a leading flyer distribution company based in Singapore, specializing in the distribution of flyers in large volumes and various formats, including booklets, newspapers, magazines, vouchers, and flyers of sizes ranging from A6 to A0.


The goal of Orange Flyer Distribution was to find part-time workers capable of efficiently distributing their client’s heavy booklets to specific areas and locations.

Orange Flyer Distributions

Solution Provided

Distributing heavy booklets to residential areas with multiple units and levels can be challenging, but there are several strategies that HiFlyer can implement to make the process easier for distributors:

  1. Utilization of Distribution Equipment: HiFlyer can provide distributors with distribution equipment such as trolleys or carts to transport heavy booklets more efficiently. These tools can help distributors navigate through residential areas and transport a larger quantity of booklets at once.
  2. Team Distribution Approach: Instead of assigning a single distributor to handle heavy booklets, HiFlyer can deploy teams of distributors to work collaboratively. This approach allows for the distribution workload to be divided among team members, making it easier to manage heavy booklets and distribute them to targeted residential units.
  3. Strategic Distribution Planning: HiFlyer can develop strategic distribution plans that prioritize efficient routes and target specific residential units within each block. By planning the distribution route in advance and organizing distribution tasks based on geographic proximity, distributors can minimize unnecessary travel and streamline the distribution process.
  4. Training and Support: HiFlyer can provide comprehensive training to distributors on proper lifting and carrying techniques to ensure their safety when handling heavy booklets. Additionally, HiFlyer can offer ongoing support and guidance to distributors throughout the distribution process to address any challenges they may encounter.

By implementing these strategies, HiFlyer can facilitate the distribution of heavy booklets to targeted residential areas more effectively, ensuring that each unit receives the intended promotional materials.


The result of implementing these strategies is an efficient and successful heavy booklet distribution process. With HiFlyer’s assistance in providing trained distributors, Orange Flyer Distribution was able to overcome the challenges associated with distributing heavy booklets to residential areas. As a result, Orange’s clients’ marketing materials reached their intended audience accurately and effectively, contributing to the success of their marketing campaigns. The timely and efficient distribution of heavy booklets helped Orange achieve their marketing objectives and strengthen their brand presence in the target areas.

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