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Client Background

FDGS specializes in rapid brand exposure through street flyer distribution, offering clients the opportunity to promote their brands effectively in high-traffic areas. With a focus on maximizing brand visibility and engagement, FDGS sought a reliable partner to provide part-time workers for efficient flyer distribution.


FDGS aimed to streamline street flyer distribution by leveraging trained part-time workers. The goal was to ensure that clients’ flyers reached their target audience accurately and efficiently, enhancing brand visibility and engagement in key locations. Additionally, FDGS sought to enhance the distribution process by incorporating QR codes on flyers, providing a convenient and fast way for passersby to access digital versions of the flyers and engage with FDGS’s digital flyer platform.


Solution Provided

HiFlyer’s flyer distributors engage eyeballs in high-traffic areas by employing strategic tactics during flyer distribution. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Strategic Placement:
    Flyer distributors strategically position themselves in areas with high foot traffic, such as busy streets, shopping centers, and event venues. They identify prime locations where people are likely to notice and interact with flyers.
  2. Active Engagement:
    HiFlyer’s flyer distributors actively engage with passersby, offering flyers with a smile and friendly demeanor. Our part-time workers use persuasive communication techniques to grab attention and spark curiosity about the promoted brands or offers. Additionally, they leverage QR codes on the flyers to make sharing more convenient, easy, and faster. By scanning the QR codes, passersby can quickly access digital versions of the flyers, bringing them directly to FDGS’s digital flyer platform. This innovative approach not only enhances engagement but also facilitates seamless interaction between potential customers and promotional materials for  Little Bunnies’ recent open house promotion.
  3. Interactive Approach:
    To enhance engagement, distributors may initiate conversations with potential recipients, encouraging them to take a flyer and learn more about the advertised products or services. They may ask open-ended questions or provide brief pitches to pique interest.
  4. Eye-Catching Distribution:
    Distributors distribute flyers in a visually appealing manner, ensuring that each flyer is handed out with care and attention to detail. They may use creative techniques, such as waving flyers or performing attention-grabbing gestures, to attract attention from a distance.
  5. Location Variety:
    HiFlyer’s distributors vary their distribution locations to maximize exposure and reach diverse audiences. They target areas with diverse demographics and interests, ensuring that flyers are distributed effectively to a wide range of potential customers.

Overall, HiFlyer’s flyer distributors are trained to engage with the public proactively, making flyer distribution a dynamic and interactive experience that captures the attention of passersby in high-traffic areas.


By leveraging HiFlyer’s assistance, FDGS achieved exceptional results for clients in street flyer distribution. Brands experienced heightened brand visibility and engagement in high-traffic areas, reaching their target audience effectively. The skilled workforce provided by HiFlyer facilitated accurate and efficient distribution, contributing to the success of clients’ marketing campaigns.

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