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Case Study for
Flyer Distributions SG

Client Background

Flyer Distributions SG is a leading flyer distribution service in Singapore, specializing in distributing flyers across various locations including HDB estates, condos, landed properties, car parks, commercial areas, and streets.


Flyer Distributions SG aimed to ensure accurate and reliable distribution of flyers to specific areas and locations, without any flyers being missed or improperly distributed. Additionally, they required workers for promotional activities such as engaging with the audience on the streets or conducting surveys.

Case Study – Flyer Distributions SG
Case Study – Flyer Distributions SG
Case Study – Flyer Distributions SG

HiFlyer Solution

HiFlyer provided Flyer Distributions SG with a team of trained workers capable of handling flyer distribution tasks efficiently. These workers were equipped to ensure that every flyer was distributed correctly and that any additional promotional activities were carried out effectively.

To ensure that flyers are distributed correctly and the job is done effectively, HiFlyer implements several measures:

  • Training:
    Workers undergo comprehensive training to understand the proper techniques for flyer distribution. This includes instructions on how to distribute flyers door-to-door or in public areas, ensuring that each flyer reaches its intended recipient or target audience.
  • Supervision:
    HiFlyer assigns supervisors to oversee the distribution process. These supervisors monitor the workers in real-time, ensuring that they follow the designated routes and distribute the flyers according to the client’s instructions.
  • Quality Control:
    Regular quality checks are conducted to verify that the flyers are being distributed accurately and efficiently. This may involve spot-checking distribution areas or collecting feedback from residents or passersby to ensure satisfaction with the distribution process.
  • Feedback Mechanism:
    HiFlyer establishes a feedback mechanism where clients can report any issues or concerns regarding the distribution process. HiFlyer also provides proof of the job by sharing distribution photos.

By implementing these measures, HiFlyer can guarantee that flyers are distributed correctly and that the job is carried out effectively, ultimately meeting the client’s objectives and ensuring the success of their marketing campaigns.


Flyer Distributions SG expressed satisfaction with the services provided by HiFlyer. HiFlyer workers ensured that the flyer distribution was carried out seamlessly, with no complaints or issues reported. As a result, the client’s flyers reached their intended audience accurately, contributing to the success of their marketing campaigns.
Flyer Distributions SG has consistently relied on HiFlyer to provide part-time workers for their flyer distribution needs, regardless of the volume or complexity of the task. Their trust in HiFlyer’s services reflects the reliability and effectiveness of the solutions provided.

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Case Study – Flyer Distributions SG